Adding a checklist within a stage / or sub-pipeline

Marcelina Drozd
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Hi there, 

would that be possible to somehow insert a checklist within a stage on a pipeline? Or a creating a sub-pipeline?

So we know that once all the things from the list are done, we can move to the next stage. Or even after the steps are done the deal moves automatically to the next stage.

For now I created automations, so once we move a deal to a stage, serveral activities to-do pop up. The only think is that they are time-limited and if they are not done on a scheduled day I have to manually change them to another day and then another if the process takes longer.

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  • Steffen Hepp
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    Dear Marcelina,

    we had similar issues in the beginning and could fix it with the help of @Bernd Auer .

    You can just send him a message and I'm sure he might also have a solution for you.

    Best regards,



  • Nicki Kane
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    There's a thing called Projects in Beta testing at the moment that might be helpful- I'm waiting for any news of the release with bated breath!!!


  • Bob Harper
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    I found a way to do this with custom fields.

    First, create a custom deal/lead field. Make sure to uncheck "Always visible in deal detail view" and "Appears in 'Add lead' and 'Add deal' views.":

    Next, Mark the field as important in the deal stage it pertains to:

    Finally, Repeat the process for as many checklist items and stages as you need.

    If you want to see it in action, here's a link to a video I made for my co-worker.