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Karli Spahr
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I'm struggling to find a texting integration that will do the things we need:

  1. Need to be able to port my two phone numbers to them that we have used and marketed for years (we do not want new numbers)
  2. Need to be able to text right out of Pipedrive to a contact; I don't want to have to go into another app to text out
  3. Need to be able to get notifications in the online version so we know we have a new text
  4. Need to be able to get push notifications on the mobile app so when we are not at our desk, we know we have a new text

I've tried multiple services and none seem to have all of these things. We already have this with Jungo, but we are looking to leave Jungo and stick only with Pipedrive. Here are the ones we have tried and the reasons they won't work.

  • IntelliSMS (I think they also go by IntelliMessage); they are the best fit, but they won't let us port our numbers over - we need to get completely new phone numbers
  • Twilio Integration via Ulgebra; no notifications anywhere - the only way to know you have a new message is by looking in a contact so you have no way of knowing when a person texts unless you know they are texting you (pretty counterintuitive)
  • Zaper - I connected to Twilio w/ this and it only tells you of an activity and doesn't connect to a contact; you can't text out
  • Cloudtalk; great for both phone and text integration; they won't have any push notifications until the end of Q2 for the Cloudtalk mobile app; cannot send from Pipedrive
  • Text Request - very nice visual; I get a mobile push notification from their mobile app which I can live with (rather than PD mobile app push notification), but again, I cannot text out of pipedrive and do not get any activity notifications in PD; it just shows as a note on the contact so I won't know it came in

Does anyone have a suggestion or feedback for a viable channel for what I'm looking for that has been working or work arounds that make it functional for what I'm trying to accomplish above? Thanks!!

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