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Hi can you upload more than one document for signing at once instead of sending several documents to sign to one client?



  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Ticia,

    This is unfortunately not yet possible, you will have to send each document to sign individually. However, I have passed your feedback along to our product team so they are aware this is a requested feature and take it into consideration for the future!

    To stay updated on new features, you can follow our What's Planned and What's New pages. :)

  • Chris Blunt
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    Adding a +1 for this... 

    Perhaps an option to "Attach More Documents" or "Attach PDFs" when sending a document to be signed?

    Use case: We use another app to send a bundle of documents including a Proposal/Agreement, Terms of Service, and DPA (and sometimes more).

    At the moment, we can't use Pipedrive's Smart Docs / e-Signatures because these documents would all have to be sent and signed separately by the customer.

    It would be great if we could keep everything related to the sale within Pipedrive!