Solved - Recurring Activities in PipeDrive

Deborah McGregor
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So go to EXCEL and type in the following headings on line 1:

Activity Subject  (in the cells below put the title of the activity - just drag down to repeat it down all the cells)

Activity Type (in the cells below put "Task" - just drag it down to repeat this word in all the cells)

Activity Note (in the cells below add the content which will appear in the "notes" section of the activity, and drag down. If you want to put Returns in the Activity Note to format your lines -  use ALT ENTER )

Due Date  (put in the dates - If it is every week, you can just put in the first date in cell D1 and the second date in D2 then highlight them and drag down to make it populate every week automatically)

Due Time  (put in the time if you want to put in a time)

Assigned to User  (put into the user who is going to do the task)


Once you have your excel file - go into the IMPORT DATA under the 'more' section of pipedrive.

Upload your file.  Note you will need to confirm the date and time format, but otherwise it should work.  If you need more Information in your recurring activity than what I have put above,  all the possible Headings you will need for your excel file can be found on the Right Hand side as you import the data.

Should only take a few minutes to do.


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    Nice Description @Deborah McGregor 

    I would just add another 3 columns to it. ID number for Contact, Company & Deals, in case you want to link any activity to one of them. 

    It's a great way to have your import done as you mention and have all linked to the right category.

    Have a nice day!!!