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I am a new user of Lead Booster and honestly really think this could be a powerful tool for a lot of business types. However, I encountered a significant setback while setting up the chat bot for my companies website. 

For the rest of this description I am going to refer to "paths" as the ladder of interactions post answering a multiple choice question. I will also be referring to "routes" as the potential answers whole. Every question has at least 2 routes (i.e. 2 answers like yes or no) and each route has a path that may have several more routes down the line, each with it's own path. 

I am setting up a qualify and route program. A series of questions and possible answers that ultimately lead to a qualified lead creating a deal or killing the lead. As such I have an initial question identifying which of our products they are interested in. The hitch comes in when you get to this point. If you have more than one route (think multiple products) that needs to have a similar or identical path to qualify the lead, you literally have to recreate the paths for as many products as you have. It would be beyond convenient to be able to duplicate one path onto a different route. This would save an enormous amount of time, ensure continuity and provide flexibility to make slight changes to the path without having to go back and fourth between routes to see what you did previously (as you can't see all the paths for each route simultaneously for obvious reasons). 


Am I alone in this or does anyone else have this issue as well?




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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Drew White wow! Thank you very much for that detailed explanation, this is how we love to receive feedback. Glad to hear you are liking LeadBooster and seeing the potential. I totally get your usecase and I'll make sure our team sees your suggestion on their desk, thanks for sharing! 🙏

  • Niclas Thelander
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    Just been setting up journeys for the first time for my company too, and was just going to the help centre to say the same thing!  A lot of the journey paths are similar so I end up having to reenter the same things 10x. Otherwise the UX is good so far!

  • Roberto Coindreau
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    Same here. This feature would be amazing

  • Laira Martin
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    I'm having the same challenge. We need several multiple choice questions in our chatbot and I've spent HOURS recreating the exact same path 25+ times for each of the multiple choice options for several questions. It is a humungous waste of time and yes, could lead to inconsistencies. I reached out to Pipedrive and they said they've received this request many times and it's on their radar. This would be a huge improvement to leadbooster and take it from good to great.