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Edie Mew
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I recently tried to build automation where the overall requirements were an organization falling into a filter i had pre-made based on a date field. However I realised that you cant use that as a trigger when creating automations, the organisation has to be updated in some way for it to be triggered. 

Please can the developers consider using the following as triggers: 

If org, pers, deal or lead fall into this filter (based on a date that has arrived) then send an email, create an activity etc can be achieved. 

To me the update is the date arriving on the day its due, therefore the org updates itself into a filter.....


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  • Arthur_70084
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    Hey  @Edie Mew ,


    I can help you build such a thing using Integromat the automation would be instant and filter according to your need. 


    If you want, you can book a call here with me (even if you just have some questions ) :

  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Edie!

    I understand your problem and countless times I have suggested this same thing to Pipedrive, for now, it might be easier to fix with Integromat as Arthur said. 

    A reason why Pipedrive probably won't be adding this feature is, if the Automation works once and your Pipedrive filter is built badly, the same automation will begin an endless loop of automations for that specific deal/org/contact.


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    I second this with my whole heart. I have set up a number of automation flows based on matching filters. They don't get triggered for this reason. As a result, I have to do a fake bulk update of a custom field I don't use.