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Mark Scantlebury
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I have been using the Advanced version of Pipedrive and used filters to send emails to groups of people. Looking at the Professional version, the first listed feature is "Email distribution lists". I upgraded, but I can't find the option to create a list anywhere. Is group emailing based on a filter what is being referred to? If so, why did I upgrade?


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    Hi @Mark Scantlebury 

    Sorry about that confusion, I've passed that feedback along to our team to make sure we communicate better.
    In your case as a long time customer you were actually on one of our legacy plans that already included the "group emailing" feature also called "distribution lists". If this is the only feature you upgraded for I would recommend you to downgrade again.

    Before you do this however, I would recommend to open a support chat with our team in-app or write to 
    Right now if you downgrade you'll be put on the new pricing plan and not back to your legacy plan and would stop having access to the group emailing feature. Please reach out to support so they can help you get back on the legacy plan including the group email feature and sorry for the confusion.

    Please let me know if you have more questions, but it's best to reach out to our support team 😉