Feature Request: Improved maps-view to find organizations close to a lead

Benjamin Sandler
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Hello there,
we are a company selling heating systems B2C. A heating system always requires a third party installer as well, so for every end-customer, we also have to find a partner company of which we have several hundreds to chose from.

Pipedrive makes it really hard to find organizations that are within a certain range of customer (deal). Right now we filter our organizations by zip code, but this is incredibly annoying:

  1. The original location of the customer is not displayed on the map, so you have to memorise, where the targeted area actually is.
  2. Sometimes a customer is at the border of an unrelated zip-code. So searching for a zip-code starting with "17" might show organizations that are too far away, while it doesn't display an organization from the "30" zip-code, that might actually be the closest.

In an ideal world we would like to click a button in a deal that would open up the maps-modal and show certain (filtered) organizations nearby. We would be able to see the 5 closest partners, select one, and continue with our sales process. 

Alternatively (and closer to Pipedrive's current solution) it would already be helpful to display a custom field in the bubble that pops up, when clicking on a pin in the map view. This way we could display helpful information (like "covered range", "industry type", etc.) of an organization.

Happy to hear back from you!

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