It would be very nice to have required fields with the option of Unchecking 'appears in add lead or

Hi there, most of our clients have required fields once the deal has been moved to a certain stage.

However, we would like to be able to remove these custom fields from the ADD LEAD or DEAL view.

There are many things we don't know until the deal closes

Consider a construction company, where the JOB start date is REQUIRED once the deal has been won. However, we don't need to include that information in the add new deal card.


Also, one of our main sales pitch from the Advance plan to the Pro plan is the required fields feature. If we can optimize that it would be great!


****Another thing is, when deal is won, the important or required fields feature dissapears, it would be nice the keep em important or required depending on the stage

Anyone else have wants this problem solved?

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    Hi @Clifford Cheung, thank you for your question! 

    Required fields must be filled in before a deal can be marked as won, and the data entered stays part of the deal after it's closed. Nothing should be disappearing, so please reach out to our Support team, who are able to do all the necessary troubleshooting and will get back to you faster than we can here in the community.


    As for your improvement suggestions, right now there are no concrete short-term plans to make these improvements. Unfortunately with many customers and requests and with limited development resources, we need to prioritize and make choices on what to deliver first. However, we have made sure our team will consider your suggestions for future developments.


    In the meantime, this is where we make all product update announcements -- make sure to follow them to get notified about what’s coming down the line: