Account Management in Pipedrive - Project H.A.M.M.E.R. BETA!

Gabriel Mafra
Pipedrive Employee

EDIT: Sign ups are now closed, thanks to all who shared their interest.


Hello Pipedrivers! 💜

We have some exciting news to share: After a (maybe not so) long time focusing on the pre-sales/deal closing side of the Sales Lifecycle, we are currently exploring how to deliver a better experience for the other side: Account Management! 

We heard you (and did our homework, aka research) and we know that some of you are currently hacking the sales pipelines or use a 3rd party tool for after-sales, which most often than not lead to out of sync data, missed actionable activities and, at the end of the day, more mess.


So, as our focus is to develop a native, Pipedrive solution, aimed at helping you manage the relationships and grow your existing accounts, we would like to invite you to participate in our closed beta and join forces with us to build valuable solutions to the whole community.


We will now shortlist an initial group to test some upcoming features, so there will be emails being sent soon! And, if you do not get in the initial beta, fear not - we’ll be slowly opening up for more and more people!

PS: If you want to share any thoughts on the topic but don't want to participate in the beta, feel free to comment on this post - your feedback is always appreciated!

PS2: As a sneak peek, here's a screenshot of what you could be testing in the upcoming months.



  • BaptisteBCA
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    Oh yes yes yes please 🙏

  • Kyle Neuenschwander
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    Holy cow, count me in, definitely interested 

  • ilter pak
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    Harika görünüyor

  • Harri Honkala
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    Wow this is awesome!

  • Inés Líndez
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    This is already one of my favourite tools in Pipedrive! 🚀

  • Andre Vill
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    This could be very very useful if the development is done correctly. Let's hope for the best!

  • Steffen Hepp
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    @Gabriel Mafra do you have more information on the Account Management?

  • Gabriel Mafra
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    @Gabriel Mafra do you have more information on the Account Management?

    Hey, Steffen, what would you like to know?

    We have started this exploratory initiative in order for us to test some features that we feel are beneficial for Account Management and to also get the community involved in this process, so we can get as closer to a desirable/actionable solution as much as possible. 

    There are, as with any initial experimentation, a lot of unknowns and bumps along the way, which will be clarified and updated as we go. For example, our roadmap for now is pretty fluid because the community feedback will help us shape the long term planning (priorities and efforts). Our plan is to keep communicating with you to make this process smooth and valuable. 

    In a nutshell, what I can confidently say is that we know that there is a space for improvement, when it comes to the post-sales part of the sales lifecycle and we want to make sure we are delivering on it. 

  • Steffen Hepp
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    @Gabriel Mafra do you have more information on the Account Management?

    Dear Gabriel, thanks for your prompt reply. What I would like to know is what the Account Management Feature does include so far. Do you have an example or an additional screenshot? Sorry, but we didn't get it so far...


  • Anish Patel
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    I currently handle this in Pipedrive by creating an Account Management pipeline, under which I have set up "deals" labeled "<Company> Activity".  So, anything that doesn't fit into the official sales pipeline goes into the Account pipeline -- where I'm still able to log emails/activity/links.

    The screenshot with Account activities looks like a great new view, and this could replace my hacks!  I have signed up and look forward to testing/iterating the concept! 

  • Neal Bailey
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    I am very interested we have allot of this use case. We use another tool now abs then part in Pipedrive so very interested. 

  • Graziano Masia
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    Hi, sorry I haven't fully understood what kind of accounts, may be useful be able to see full description of "What are accounts" in your screenshot... Thanks.

  • Guy Thomas
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    Looks like the solution I need to keep the metrics portion of my pipedrive working. Right now, any closed deals are moved to a different "customer" pipeline, but that breaks all my conversion metrics.

  • Markus Meier_49922
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    This is AWESOME! Account Management is a huge potential in Pipedrive - especially for every business with recurring revenue and land- & expand strategy. A great way to get Account Management boosted today is with the vizrm add-on that allows you to manage org structures based on your Pipedrive data. 🖤

  • @Gabriel Mafra I'd love to participate in an interview about this. I have a number of clients who use additional pipelines for project management and I'd be happy to share how they use it now and what would be most beneficial to them in an actual AM setup. 

    I'd argue this implementation of this does not need to be fancy. Users are used to the Pipeline view and account management works a lot like sales in many cases. There are stages and there are activities. I'd argue the most important components of this are actually general Pipedrive feature requests, such as:

    1. Deal metrics not being removed from a pipeline if a deal moves from 1 pipeline to another (e.g. an onboarding pipeline is a progression of a sales pipeline). Currently I hack this by making a deal as won in the first pipeline and then looking at the second pipeline in "won" view. 
    2. The ability to have specific details visible on specific pipelines, only (e.g. AM deal details will have some overlap, but not 100% with the sales deal details)
    3. The ability for users to only have deal edit access within specific Pipelines/Stages
  • Frank Berenschot_41850
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    I am really excited about this feature, I already have some ideas how this will be helpful to our company!  

  • Torbjörn Johansson
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    Hi @Gabriel Mafra ,

    I am very interested to join the early Beta. I also filled in the form.

    I hope I will be selected :)



  • Ian Yun
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    Hi. I am absolutely interested in this beta testing! already filled the form.

    Really hope that will be selected too!:)

  • Steve Gubb
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    yes please

  • Jorge Martínez Marbán
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    🙏🙏🙏Please include me in the list!!!! I am very open to give you guys feedback 


  • Jason Pautard
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    Please count me in! Our company have a system that handle multiple business models, our feedback will be crucial for improvments 😉

  • Gonçalo
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    Hi Gabriel,

    We are not in the Beta team but there are a couple of changes or additions that would be really helpful for us. The first one that comes to mind is the ability for line or team managers to choose what they see on the kanban board tickets, such as the name of the "deal" "owner", which will give them a quick and straightforward perspective of where the team as a whole is.


  • 澤口 友彰
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    yyes piease!

  • Jörgen Sjöstrand_231
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    Yes, beta please! :)

  • Steffen Hepp
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    @Gabriel Mafra do you have more information on the Account Management?

    Dear Gabriel, do you have any news on when the Beta will start? Thanks

  • System Admin_31413
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    could my account please be included in this Beta?

  • Michelle_76806
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    Would love to gain access to this one please 

  • Aron Grinshtein
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    Can I join in this beta please

  • Sam Loria
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    Can we please join as soon as possible?

  • Tom LeBrocq
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    Would love to help and be a part of the beta team on this!