Custom fields synch across lead/deal, person, and org?

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I have a custom field for lead/deals and I want to use the same custom field (with associated multi option list) for people and organizations.  And I want to be able to use the same multi option list 3 seperate times to populate 3 columns.  To clarify the field is crop of interest.  Some customers will have several crops of interest and I will want to use these fields to tailor communications to the leads/deals and individuals associated.

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    Hi @lee west, If I understood your challenge correctly, you have to create a new custom field under person with all the possible options.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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    Hi Lee - Typically I do not recommend storing the same information at different "levels" (Person / Deal Org) within Pipedrive, but there are certain instances where it makes sense. The main reason not to do this is that it opens you up to a high risk for data inconsistencies (person "crop of interest" is one thing and lead/deal another... And then users will be guessing which one is correct). If you do need this information stored at two different levels, I typically recommend auto-updating one set of data when the other is edited (e.g. if the person "crop of interest is updated", update the "lead/deal" crop of interest). 

    For the actual creation of the fields, you will simply need to create the same field options for leads/deals. I do this by logging in side-by-side in a regular window and incognito window and then you can copy and paste the info over. Here's a 1 min demo:
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    Thank you for the video @Liz (Ops Designed). I created 2 identical custom fields in contact (Lead Source PY) and deal (Deal Source). I would like to copy the value in the contact custom field (Lead Source PY) to the deal custom field (Deal Source).

    For example, Lead Source PY=Ads, I want the Deal Source=Ads.

    I tried setting up this automation but it does not work. Any idea why? Or any workaround I could try?