Can't map names if I don't have them with Real Estate

okay, please suggest to developers, that in Many, many cases, for Real Estate , our leads and our deals , do NOT have names of people , we only begin to do deals with Addresses. Please tell them.

We have spent 3 hours and 42 minutes trying to IMPORT XLS records based on Addresses only (REAL ESTATE) leads only begin with addresses.

LATER , after more research by assistants , we ADD the owner's name (person's name) to the XLS file (data)

But we almost never have person's name ...... so Pipedrive gave MAPPING ERROR 100% of time. We tried with 3 pipedrive employees for 3 hours and 42 minutes and finally, they told us IMPORT was IMPOSSIBLE!

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    Hi @Tom Collins 

    I see I also just responded to an email asking you to post here, happy to see you already did that!
    We have many users in Pipedrive from the real estate branch. One very common workaround is to call every person and organization you're importing "unknown". You can then still import them and since the lines in your spreadsheet will contain different phone numbers and email addresses they will still create separated records you can search for based on the phone or email inside Pipedrive.

    Then the next step would be to use the products feature in Pipedrive and create a custom "address" type field for your products. The product you create can have the name of the building or you type the address in the name of the product but most importantly add the address where the property is located to the newly created address field so you can use the Google Maps function.

    I hope this already helps you but what I recommend most is to go to our Help Center to find info about custom fields, importing, etc:

    @Joseph Valenti could you also share any suggestion with Tom how you've seen this above resolved in Pipedrive?