Integrate website form with WebForms?

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I'm currently not too happy with the functionality and speed of Pipedrive webform. Does anyone know if there is a way to integrate webflow forms with pipedrive? instead of all competed forms being directed to an email?







  • Evan Olson
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    Yes, it's possible with a single step Zapier action and Workflow Automation in Pipedrive. Essentially, you build an action in Zapier that creates a new person from a Webflow form submission and then funnel the form data through that. The form data then gets turned into the organization and lead details.

    First, in Pipedrive, head to Settings, Company, Data Fields. Create a new Data Field in Person for each field on your form. I have these three.

    1. Webflow: Company Name
    2. Webflow: Form Date
    3. Webflow: Message (long text format)

    Then, in Zapier, create a new Zap that does "1. Form Submission in Webflow" to "2. Create Person in Pipedrive."

    In this Zap, connect the Webflow form fields to the fields for the Pipedrive person. You will see the default fields for Pipedrive as well as the custom data fields that you created earlier. Tie them together and then test the Zap.

    Back in Pipedrive, head to Settings, Workflow Automation. Create a new workflow. Set the trigger to be "Person Created" with the condition "Webflow: Form Date" set to "is not empty." You will then create 2 actions.

    1. Create organization. In this action, you will see the input box for Name (Required). To the right is a button with a plus sign. This is for the merge fields. Select "Webflow: Company Name" from this list.
    2. Create lead with a linked person. In this action, set the Linked Person to "1. Person," the title to whatever you want (I did "Inquiry from [1. Person name]"), the linked organization to "3. Organization" (this is the organization created in the step prior), and the details to "Webflow: Message," which is also pulled from the merge field button.

    And you're all set!