Automated Dashboard for Pipedrive Partners

David Zisner
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Hi guys,

I hope that this is the correct channel 😁

We're Pipedrive Elite Partners (reselling licenses and providing consultation & integration services to companies using Pipedrive).

For a long time I wanted a dashboard that shows us how many active licenses are clients have purchased - which obviously changes whenever a salesperson joins or leaves one of our clients' companies.

I needed the dashboard so much that I ended up building one 😎 using Integromat, Airtable and the reseller API.

The automation that I built is triggered once a week and pulls the list of active users from all of the accounts under our reseller - and with Airtable's custom dashboard apps I'm able to visualize it and see the progress week-by-week (also run internal calculations such as profitability etc.)

Here's an example dashboard:


Is anyone else here a Pipedrive reseller and interested in such a dashboard?

If so, I will gladly share the Integromat blueprint and Airtable DB. You will need to set it up for yourself, I'll add instructions.

You need both an Integromat and Airtable paid account - for us it's totally worth it 🤗🤗

Comment below if you're interested!


Have a great day,




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    I am aware that Channel Managers have a tool that shows some statics about partners. Hopefully, whenever that tool gets finished, we will be allowed access as well. But i 100% agree with this idea and it should be implemented for partners.