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John Coleman
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For statistical purposes we would like to know how many records are created by individual users. For example, we would like to know how many records a Pipedrive administrator created in 2020.



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @John Coleman 

    Unfortunately, this is currently not available, I'll pass on that feedback.

    What I can suggest is to one time reach out to our support team and ask for an extract of this information. Our support engineers can give you this.

    To from then an stay in the loop I can recommend to use Pipedrive's workflow automation to automatically send you an email each time a record is created and name in the email who created it. You can then use this information. An even more automated way is to use Zapier and have a new spreadsheet row in Google sheets for example added every time a new record is created and pass over the name of the creator. Then the filtering can happen on Google sheets.

    Hope the workarounds will still help and I'll pass on your suggestion. But for historical information reach out to our support team please 🙏

  • John Coleman
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    I was told to post here by the support agent who has already passed along my data request to the team. Thanks so much for your reply, hopefully this can become a standard feature since it doesn't seem like a lot of trouble (at least on the surface, I know how these things go!).