Links to Emails from Contacts Timeline are broken for all but the author

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When I click on an email icon in the contacts timeline, I get a little popup with a summary of the email. In this popup, the email subject is linked to the email in my email inbox, e.g.,


However, this link only works for me, i.e., the user who's inbox contains that email. For all other users the link is redirected to their top level inbox, instead of the particular email. This is confusing and not helpful.

As to my understanding, the email shows on the contacts timeline only if the email is visible to me, i.e., set to "Share with company" and linked to a deal and/or contact. This means it should always be possible to reference the email in that context (e.g., through a direct link to that email).

It any case, I guess it would be better to remove the link in the cases where it is not working, instead of having it point to something I cannot access.

(I already brought this up in a support chat with Madalena, who told me I should also post it here)

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