How to restaure datas in customers fields

Camille Saint Jean
edited July 2022 in Sales CRM #1

Hi everybody, I accidentally deleted a characterization field of the organizations. Do you know how to recover the data? This represents thousands of entries... Thanks by advance


  • Benjamin Constant
    edited April 2022 #2

    Hi, I am from the same company - Camille means that this is a custom field that we created for Organisations that has been deleted by accident...  

  • Hi Camille and Benjamin - I’d recommend messaging Pipedrive support. The Pipedrive engineering team may be able to restore this information for you. 

  • Camille Saint Jean
    edited April 2022 #4

    They say that they cannot because there are more than 10 items in the customised field. Does somebody else have an idea?


  • I doubt it, but have you exported any data from Pipedrive previously? If so, you could at least recover some of the data by importing that field back in. It would be a bit out of date, but at least it could be something.