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Alison Pallett
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I have a drop down list with multiple options in. I want to amend this so that only 1 option can be chosen from the list


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Alison Pallett  this is absolutely achievable. It would require maybe some preparation work first before completing. It includes the below steps:

    1. Create the new custom field where the options are single option only (you may want to put a marker on it to distinguish between the two fields)
    2. Then create a filter where all contacts/orgs/people have this field completed, be sure to include the ID & the newly created custom field (single option only) when creating the filter
    3. Export this filter into an Excel spreadsheet and then migrate by simply copying and pasting across the data from the original (unwanted) field into the newly created (single option) field. 
    4. Finally when you're happy that all data is accurate, re-import into Pipedrive. It's very important you include the Pipedrive System ID as this will map it back to the data in the CRM
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