workflow automation to create event in the future

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not sure if this is possible to create, but it would be really useful to have a workflow automation that was able to create an activity a certain period of time after the criteria were met.  

for instance, we run projects and more than ever our costings are constantly changing.  it would be cool to have an automation that added an activity 3 months after a deal has been moved into our 'live quotes bank' column, prompting us to 'check quote against current costings' and requote if necessary.  

it would look something like this - 

  • conditions
    • deal stage has changed to 'live quotes bank'
    • time elapsed = 3 months
  • action
    • add activity with title 'check quote against current costings'

at the moment i can get it to add an event with a due date of 3 months in the future but that is just really annoying as it constantly shows as an outstanding activity and wont prompt me to add a follow up like it usually does when there is no activity against a deal

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