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We would love to use disabled fields.

Why ?

So we can share info with Sales from our frontoffice and not letting them change it.

For example : weither a User is activated or not (helps to suggest them the next action).

This is a data coming only from the website once the User is activated, it doesn't make sense for the Sales team to update it.

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    Hi Xavier - Agreed! This is a much requested feature! This doesn't currently exist, but one work around is to use a webhook and if a field is updated, send a notification somewhere (slack, etc.). That way, you can tell the Sales team not to update a field and if someone mistakenly does, a notification can post to slack so that someone on the management team can remind the sales rep not to update that field. It's definitely an extra layer of work, but depending on how important it is that the field isn't touched, it can be a helpful work around.