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Sumit Rana
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We integrated our Microsoft OneDrive into the Pipedrive CRM to use MS Excel. However, when we are following the below path:

Deal>>Documents>>Create New

then we are not getting Excel/Spreadsheet & PPT option. Whereas, your video of SmartDoc shows that if we integrate Google Drive/ OneDrive then we can get all three options:

  1. Document
  2. PPT
  3. Excel/Spreadsheet

Therefore, could you please check this technical glitch and help us out to have PPT & Excel option.

We will highly appreciate your Tech and Management if it can be fixed on high priority.

PS: We have checked with our Tech team and they informed us that it needs to be fixed from the back end.


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  • Natasha Kupusovic
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    Hi Sumit! 👋🏻 

    Currently, we only support spreadsheets and presentations when syncing Smart Docs with Google Drive. Only Word documents and PDF uploads are supported with a Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint connection. 

    It is not in our shorter term roadmap to include Excel and PowerPoint. However, we'll take this feedback onboard and let you know if anything changes in the shorter term. 

    Thank you for your valuable feedback! 

    Natasha from Pipedrive

  • Robert Williams
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    It would be great to have full office functionality in pipedrive. Google docs doesn't work well for everyone.

  • Brandon Sofge
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    Even if we could just focus on Excel. Excel is often tied into many other business process and is the only export format for QuickBooks. Since QB has so many small businesses that we try and sell to, this is really critical.

  • David Thompson_5223
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    Given the rising incidents of data breaches and hacking, our company has made it mandatory for all employees to use Microsoft 365. Integration with Smart Docs especially Excel for quoting, would be a valuable feature for numerous PipeDrive customers.

  • SimonLoiselle
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    Let's get excel please! I love pipedrive because it's a one-stop shop.