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Dugan Rozman
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New to Pipedrive. Is it possible to set up an activity or email that reminds someone to call a client every two weeks? How would I go about doing that? Any feedback helps. Thank you


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    Hi Dugan! 

    The best option here might still be to just create an activity for every 2 weeks (Import will help in bulk creating activities). Pipedrive does not support setting up recurring activities. Depending on your plan (has to be at least Professional) - you can also check our Contacts Timeline feature, which helps you to set follow-up frequencies and monitor your Contact People based on that. 

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    HI @Dugan Rozman,

    Try this:

    1. Set up a separate activity type for recurring activities in this case.
    2. Set up an automation to create another activity in 2 weeks, when the previous one is done.
    3. You can set this automation using Pipedrive Automation or Make/Integromat.

    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


    Amit Sarda

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