Team Inbox for generic email addresses ?

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We are currently using Freshsales for our CRM and actively looking into moving to another CRM. Pipedrive is a major contender. 

We are a small company and a lot of our customer correspondence goes to generic email addresses like 

Question to Pipedrive team

  • How would be go about setting this in Pipedrive? It seems that it is not possible to setup multiple email inboxes? As a sales person, I can have my own pipe drive account but I also need to have another one. 


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    I battled with this when I first signed up. Also a small team. We have an "info" inbox that is where all major dealings come through and I wanted to have this as my inbox, but also my colleagues.

    Long story short, it doesn't work. The syncing issues cause all kinds of chaos and one of you ends up with a dud. For example, if I archive an email in my pipedrive, it archives it in outlook. However, the other persons pipedrive email doesn't know I just did that so the email remains.

    The way we got around this was annoying but all you're left with. Set up only your individual emails in pipedrive (say and via outlook, do a colour system. We use the category tags in outlook to say "Hey, this is yours or yours etc". Then that person just grabs the email in the main inbox and moves it in to their named one in outlook. It will then sync in to pipedrive. Then...manage the stream of emails via pipedrive.

    Hope that helps, this annoyed me the most about the original migration.