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Hello Pipedrive community. I need help. I have around 250 customers, each one of them has a new order every week. I added some Products into Pipedrive.  Every order is different. I need to find way, how to track this orders. One way is to do won deals every time, then create a new deal. But it is not as good as I would like it to be.  Can you help me how to solve it?


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    I think in your situation its best to create a won deal every time. Once the deal is won, have an automation run and create a brand new deal [for the following week].


    This is the only way you can have different products each week... 

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    Hi @David Janecek

    It sounds like your issue is process driven, not software. 

    Few questions before I can try help (and i'll try explain why):

    1. Do you sell a physical product? or software? or services? - IF product, ignore all of the below and get e-commerce (like
    2. Every week, those customers ordering, are they new or current clients?
    3. What happens after you win a deal, how do you process order?
    4. What accounting software do you use?
    5. How do you customers place orders (email/ call/ website)?
    6. Have you tried automation in Pipedrive? and/or have you ever used Zapier?

    My thinking is your issue is automation of ordering. It's time consuming wining a deal if it's only to record the sale, and then you need to push to accounting package manually anyway.  Taking the approach of saving money, I would only use Pipedrive for capturing New business (completely new company) and then all current clients I would raise a quote in accounting software. Once you raise a quote in Xero (what we use), the client can choose to 'Accept' it and then it automatically becomes an invoice. Direct debit (we use go Cardless) will take payment, which is setup when they first come in as a new business, and then you deduct payment and fulfil order. 

    If automation is key and you want it all in Pipedrive, then change your order flow. Make customers order from a 'bot' or introduce a flow from a form (Typeform), which auto populates a deal (using Zapier). So now deal is auto populated, a quote can be automated to via email and then once accepted, can auto bill via DD, if they are setup already. This leaves you only needing to approve invoices. 


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