Adding multiple Contacts/People to a Lead

Chris Davis_71988
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Seems like you can only have one person on a lead.  Would be nice to be able to have multiple contacts, as we keep opportunities in Lead status until we have a shot at it (at which point we convert to a deal). But, up until that point, we may discover multiple organization contacts (and organizations!)

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  • Diego Semprún
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    This is a very usual use case for us too.

    And not only inside the same organization, many of our deals require the contribution of resellers, partners, etc that are also key on one specific deal.

  • Ramsay Smith
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    100% - we would like to use Company as the basis for leads, and then have many contacts - currently only allowed to use People as the basis for Leads which makes management of an inward pipe somewhat challenging

  • Michelle Liggitt
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    We could use this functionality as well. Sometimes when communicating/negotiating with a lead, I have to copy multiple decision makers on each message. Right now I handle this by putting reminders in tasks and notes to add these people by hand to each message (or using reply all, depending on where we are in the process). But just being able to have multiple people attached to the lead and they all get put into the address field would be helpful.

  • Phillip Bucey
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    Yes this would be a great help. I have multi leads or contacts in companies. Also being about to add more detail info like Birthday wife name etc would really help 

  • Leandro dos Santos
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    I would like to have the opportunity to have more than one contact in a Deal. 

    And the opportunity to make e-mail automation , sendind e-mail for all the deal contacts , when a win deals, today i can just send for one person in a deal…

  • Dana Godfrey, JD
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    I understand the Lead being a person, but they are attached to an organization, which should have other people attached, as needed.  This connection is lost with the Lead data base. This is an issue, as discussed by the replies. 

  • Brenton Oldman
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    Would also be very usual for our company too! multiple contacts / email addresses and be able to add multiple email addresses automatically when creating emails for the deal. 

  • Jason McGehee
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    100% agree with this. Must be a way to add another person based on preferred points of contact. 

  • Matt Stiller
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    agreed.  Have thought the same thing.   we may have influencers and correspondence related to a deal. Not always from or with the primary contact.

  • Megan Milner
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    I agree, this is a feature that would really assist streamline outreach.

  • Bahar
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    Certainly this is needed. Pipedrive Leads would be a lot more useful for me if multiple contacts & email addresses could be added to them.

  • Dan Lord
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    Agreed - adding another voice to say this would be very useful.

  • Jason Young
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    I'd like to add +1 for this change

  • Nick L
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    +1 for this feature, it would make deal administration a lot more straightforward.

  • buddy
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    +1 for this feature! There are always multiple people in an organization that is a Lead, that we have to track. And communication with each of them should be tracked within the Lead.

  • James7
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    For those saying "+1", please go to the top and hit the VOTE button so that we vote up this feature.

  • Nick Rorris
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    Could definitely find this handy, particularly when wanting to CC relevant parties in new email threads. This feature is available in hubspot and very handy/. For every lead, you can see the company, and all contacts that are with the same company. Very handy.

  • JM-S4i
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    I'd like to add +1 for this change

  • Neil Levin
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    Adding another vote for this one. We have multiple people on a Lead .

  • Kayloni
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  • JM-S4i
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    Adding another vote for this one. We have multiple people on a Lead .

  • Joris
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    Completely agree. @Pipedriveadmin is there anything you can say about the prioritazation of this feature?

  • Frank Richardson
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    Plus one for me as well (I upvoted at the top)!

  • Alex Fleming
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    Upvoting this as well. For my company, this kind of feature is one of the differences between Pipedrive being a starting point CRM for small deals to being a CRM that can be used to manage selling to large clients. Our leads are highly complex insurance companies with multiple people involved before it even becomes a viable deal to track in our pipeline). As we scale, the lack of this feature adds to the list of reasons we will to need to pivot to a more complex CRM in the future (which we want to avoid for as long as we can!)

  • Att
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    Plus vote for this one

  • MC
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    Hi Pipedrive team!

    Can you please make it possible to add Participants on Leads, not just on Deals?

    Our team wants them on Leads as often our first conversation with an inbound lead is a conversation with the referrer (the company's external accountant/CPA) and not the eventual client (the company owner/director).

    This means we want to add the referrer as a participant at the lead stage, and enter the company director as the main contact on the lead.

    Hope this makes sense. (@Andreia Costa has given me a short-term workaround, re adding a 'Person' custom field and calling it 'Lead referrer'. But it would be better if Leads allowed Participants.)



  • Edddddd
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    Frankly I am shocked that this is not by default

    When selling b2b, there is always more than one buyer, come on...

    And if you're not going to help us with that, can you at least provide an article to suggest how to use the existing solution in a meaningful way?

    For one lead, I have 5 contact points. What do I do?

    Same for deals... perhaps pipedrive is not right for me.

  • Edddddd
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    Why has Pipedrive not implemented this? It's been a feature request for 19 months, and it's among the top 10 features requests ranked by upvotes in this community.

  • Edddddd
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    Hello @Mike van der Valk - would you kindly please share your thoughts?

  • Edddddd
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