Custom Filter Logic Would Be Really Nice

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Would love it if I could do custom filter logic... right now I have two different criteria groups... one with AND logic inside the group... and one with OR logic inside the group... between the groups is AND logic

So it is...
(A and B) and (C or D)

It would be really nice if I could change the logic inside the groups and between the groups... so I could do something like

(A and B) or (C and D)

or something like

(A or B) and (C or D)

This would require VERY little backend and UI change... just let me pick the existing logic instead of have it hard coded..

What would be even better (but require more work to change) would be if I could add a subgroup and choose the logic within the subgroup... something like

( A and B ) and ( (C and D) or E )

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