Typo in the tooltip of the required fields while editing data fields

Ted Youn
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I'm reporting another translation mistake; to be precise, it's a typo.

  1. Where to find: In https://app.pipedrive.com/settings/fields, click an 'i' button to open a tooltip about required fields
  2. What you expect to see: a word '입력는지'
  3. What you see instead:  a word '입력는지'.

In summary, the vowel in the third letter must be 'ㅐ', not 'ㅒ'.

Hope this helps.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Ted Youn , thank you for the feedback! I have made sure to pass it on internally, and hopefully, we'll have it corrected in a future update :)

  • Külli Kruusla
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    Hi also from my side. 
    Thank you for the feedback, we will correct the spelling :)