Workflow automation not working when importing leads

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Hi, all. I stumbled upon this shortcoming with lead import functionality not triggering any workflow automations. Perhaps someone has found a workaround? 

When importing leads in bulk (import data function), no Workflow automation gets triggered. I was informed by PD support that due to some shortcomings in the functionality this indeed seems to be the case (no ETA for a fix/update). Thus only manually added leads seem to trigger any Workflow automations. 

Perhaps anyone here has a workaround for how to trigger automations in such case?




  • You have a couple of options:

    1. Trigger the automation using bulk edits and 'lead updated' trigger.
    2. Use Make/Integromat to set up automation.
  • Keith Greywood
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    You may be able to use Zapier for that.

    New lead detected, 

    delay (to wait if it fires an automation) or a field  like source which includes  'imported')

    set activity - email/ call lead

  • Just want to echo that I've stumbled upon this issue as well and it's quite frustrating. I know workarounds are recommended in the comments, but this feels like something Pipedrive should update.