Workflow automation not working when importing leads

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Hi, all. I stumbled upon this shortcoming with lead import functionality not triggering any workflow automations. Perhaps someone has found a workaround? 

When importing leads in bulk (import data function), no Workflow automation gets triggered. I was informed by PD support that due to some shortcomings in the functionality this indeed seems to be the case (no ETA for a fix/update). Thus only manually added leads seem to trigger any Workflow automations. 

Perhaps anyone here has a workaround for how to trigger automations in such case?




  • Amit Sarda (
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    You have a couple of options:

    1. Trigger the automation using bulk edits and 'lead updated' trigger.
    2. Use Make/Integromat to set up automation.
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    You may be able to use Zapier for that.

    New lead detected, 

    delay (to wait if it fires an automation) or a field  like source which includes  'imported')

    set activity - email/ call lead

  • Paige Pennigar
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    Just want to echo that I've stumbled upon this issue as well and it's quite frustrating. I know workarounds are recommended in the comments, but this feels like something Pipedrive should update.

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    much needed fix for automating engagements

  • sampsonzak
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    This needs fixing. I am severely disappointed my imports do not trigger my automations. SOrt of makes this whole thing useless for me now.

  • Sophie
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    Hi All,

    I would be happy to elaborate on this, We do not support imports triggering automations, as it can cause you to violate Automations frequency limits. These limits serve as a safeguard mechanism to protect Pipedrive's infrastructure and prevent companies from creating loops.

    Depending on what your workflow does, you may be able to utilize some of Pipedrive's other bulk features such as group emailing, bulk editing, and creating activities in bulk! I hope this helps!

  • sampsonzak
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    Do automations trigger if I create an organisation through the API?

    Can you please confirm if this does/doesn't work please? Thank you

    e.g. Automation: New organization created -> Send email

    Would this work when a new organization is created through the API?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @sampsonzak , creating items via third-party web forms or API requests will be considered inputs by our automation tool, as long as there's an automation that matches the corresponding trigger and its conditions.

    You can find more details in this knowledge base article.

  • GRich
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    I just stumbled across this as well and the reason given is so ridiculous. We have thousands of leads to get into Pipedrive and you expect us to manually upload them to get a service that is included with our paid plan to work or pay for another service outside to get your own offered functions to apply properly? This might be the breaking point for our company. Along with the other odd things Pipedrive has going on. Very disappointing. I have spent hours thinking I was somehow doing something wrong on my workflow triggers. Pathetic

  • Amit Sarda (
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    This article shows a way to get around this: