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Pavel Nykl
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Hi guys, 

I would like to vote for a SmartDocs improvement. This is my tip. What do you think? 

Now I can put the Product Table in my offer template in the current SmartDocs. But in that case all the products of all categories are in one table on one place in the offer. I would like to have the way that I can insert the product table of specific category on one place in a template and the tables of the other categories on the other different places (chapters) of the template. 

As we have many product categories in our proposals - licences, projekt MDs, MD rates etc. current SmartDocs templates are not usable for us. 

Best wishes for all of you, 


  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Hi Pavel!

    This is a very good use case for using product tables when building your proposals.

    We will put it together with the rest of the feedback regarding Smart Docs.

    More feedback, feel free to reach out 👌

  • devksx
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    Hi, is there any update on it since then?

  • Barry Benton
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    Hi, are there any updates on this item?