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I'd like to set up an email filter that will add all deal contacts/participants in certain stages of the pipeline. The problem that I'm running in to is that when I select the deal stage, only the main deal contact is available. There isn't a way to select additional deal participants. We have multiple decision makers in the sales process so it's important for us to be able to email/communicate with everyone, not just the main deal contact. Pipedrive has informed me that this feature isn't available as of now, has anyone found a workaround?



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    Hi @Jolene ,


    I have a similar use case where we have multiple decision-makers in organizations. We do follow ABM (Account-Based Marketing) in the process and new persons are added to an organization at different stages in the sales process. 

    For outbound, we use cold email outreach tools and follow-up activities are created for the respective person rather than for the deal. This helps us to continue the further communication on a personal level. If such a process needs more tracking, we create a new deal for that person's activities. The final goal is measured on the account/organization level, whether an organization is a customer or not!


    Am not sure how you operate, or if this will help you. Happy to help if you can come up with more details.