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Leandro de la Torriente
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Anyone working on a Todoist integration directly with Pipedrive?  It's been my task manager of choice for the last 6 years.  I've tried Asana recently but it didn't fit my needs.   I'd like it to Todoist to be able to mirror and sync with Pipedrive so I can complete a task in either app.  I know it'll be difficult to get Todoist to create a next action task for the deal, but I'm OK if that doesn't happen at all or right away.  I need a unified list to look at all my tasks.


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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Leandro de la Torriente !

    I'd recommend using one of the integrations from our marketplace, like Zapier or  @Ashutosh Cheulkar works with and is a community member here, maybe they can help you set it up. 🚀

  • Ashutosh Cheulkar
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    Thanks for the tag, @Inês Batata.

    Hi @Leandro de la Torriente ,

    We can help you in accomplishing the use-case. We do support both the apps on our platform. Please check this link to view various integration possibilities between Todoist and Pipedrive:

    You can also automate task creation in Todoist based on deal activity in Pipedrive. If you have any particular requirement, you can reach out to us on live chat support or write to us on and our team will assist you in setting up the integration :)

  • Tibor Liktor
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    Hi there! I'd second @Leandro's idea - why not license Todoist's remarkable technology and integrate it into PD?

    I've been an avid user of Todosit for 7yrs, also a former CRM developer, do love PD, so count me in if you want to beef up your task management, which is a weak point of PD.  

  • Bobby Brown
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    Hi! I have integrated Todoist with Pipedrive via Skyvia. Skyvia is a code-free web service with an intuitive interface. A free plan with 10000 loaded records per month is available.