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Eduardo Flit
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My feedback is to be able to create groups of users or departments within Pipedrive. It sounds like a simple idea and at least for me would be very helpful. My company has 2 people that do admin and a whole sales team. Every time sales needs to talk to both people from admin, they need to tag both people in the communication. It would be easier if they could just tag the admin department and both users would be notified.

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  • svamann
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    I hear you! We got the same problem.

    Our workaround is to create users for mailing lists (e.g., marketing@, it@, ...). These users are not activated, because they cannot log in, but we can assign them things in Pipedrive and mails get send to the mailing lists, so multiple people get them. Maybe that works for you, too!

  • Andre Vill -
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    Hi Eduardo!

    This is a great suggestion! You can already create departments and groups within Pipedrive, but tagging them is not a function right now.

    Would love to see mentions based on Visibility groups.