Mail sync?

I would be fantastic if it were possible to sync relevant emails only created in Pipedrive, or if not 
recognize maybe have the possibilyty to create a contact instead of "all/nothin".

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    Hi @Tom Brændstrup !

    Do you mean you'd like the possibility to only sync email messages coming from contacts created in Pipedrive? If that's the case, that option shows up when you initially set up your 2-way sync in the section "Sync past emails sent to and received from > Pipedrive contacts only".



    This option is no longer visible after you've activated the sync, but you can reach out to our Support team and they can help you double-check which option you have currently selected.

    Additionally, you can also choose which email folders/labels you want to sync into Pipedrive, so not necessarily everything that falls in your inbox ends up in Pipedrive (see the first set of options in the screenshot above).

    As to creating new contacts from emails, in the Advanced plan and higher this is something you have control over: new contacts will only be created if you click the "Create New Contact" button.

    Hope that helps!