Help configuring From address in automated email workflow

John Kalinowsky
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I've set up an automated workflow to send an email to the deal contact email when the deal is moved to a specific stage. The workflow is triggered by any user, but the email is always sent from my email address. 


 They all have their email sync configured to their own emails. How can I configure the automation so that the email is sent from the deal owner's email address?


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    Hi @John Kalinowsky - The only workable solution is to ask everyone to set up this automation using their own account, and trigger it for them only.

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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  • Matthew Baran
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    I had the same question. I would like to request an RFE to add the "From" variable to the action items in setting up an email automation.

  • EmmanuelvdM
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    Email Templates are extremely useful.

    Automations are extremely useful.

    However, my observation is, they don't play together efficiently.

    The Lead/ Deal owner email should be inserted automatically.