Deal Summary with multiple data

Daniel Castro_85172
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Hi, I´m trying to make a summary view or my pipeline with the summary for 3 information: Total Amount, Total Weighted Amount and Number of Deals. Each of those numbers I´d like to see splited ccording to my pipeline tags.

Ideally I wanted in a table format (three columns with the data and the tags opened in the rows), but when I try to do a the current report, it doesnt group the info. I don´t want the complete deal by deal list. I only want the summary by category

TagTotal AmountWeighted Amount# Deals
Tag 1245,000139,65049
Tag 2309,000129,780103
Tag 380,00013,60020
Tag 4360,00039,60045
Tag 5402,0008,040201

Would it be possible?