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Renato Drumond
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Hello everyone, 

I´m trying to create an email chain using the stages from PipeDrive. 

For everystage that the deal is allocated we have 2 or 3 emails to send them depending also on the time they spend on each stage. 

For example, whe the deal is created on cold stage they will receive and welcome message, when moved to a meeting booked they should receive an email as well, 1 hour before the meeting they receive an email with a reminder. 

But I´m not being able to find a way to send this triggers to the email sender without a third party. 

The idea is to use a tag on the person to triger that action. So as soon as the trigger is activated it would sent the command to the email sender to send the email. 

But not finding a way to do so. 


  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Renato!

    I think this is not doable with the current workflow automation inside of Pipedrive. It might be, but it will take some time to set up correctly. I would suggest finding a marketing funnel software that integrates with Pipedrive.