Workflow Automation Limits the Number of Emails we can Send

Christopher Bates (DT)
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Just spoke with someone from PD´s team after we realized that a lot of our automated emails weren’t triggering. The explanation is that there is a rate limit set up now which prevents using the workflow automation to send multiple emails. We’d send from 20-100 at a time when moving deals down the pipeline. In the end, we’d see only 10-15 emails would trigger. This is a big problem for us in fact. We trigger « chase » emails whenever deals move through the different stages and now we’re being told we should send smaller batches, or use the the mass email tool instead. This obviously slows us town. Can you please fix the system to allow us to send out mass emails through the automation the way used to be able to? It was a bit the reason we use PD in the first place. 

BTW: I verified with google and they do NOT block emails if they recieve multiple at once. The limit according to them is something like 1000 per day, which we are WELL below. 


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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Its a limitation over how many automations can run at once or in one period of time.

    You can probably get around this by triggering these emails using Zapier

  • Emad Ahmed
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    Hey I am having the same issue, Did you find a work around?

  • Emma_88466
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    We are also having this issue. We were told by pipedrive that it was probably our email provider that's reduced the number of emails we can send. We would also send 20-100 emails as we move down the pipeline and now we can only send 20 emails per minute. We have been sending 50-100 email in an automation for years and never had a problem, and now all of a sudden our emails are not sending if there is more than 20 per min.  Highly Frustrating.  I have to now monitor every email we send to make sure its actually sent. Don't even get me started on the time it takes to Sync and update the last email sent date. 

  • svamann
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    Ran into the same issue. Used automations for sending reminders to workshop registrants. Worked fine last month. This month suddenly only 20 mails sent… The other automations simply failed at the send-mail step. No notification. No explanation. No chance to rerun.

    I’m glad I double checked. Then sent the other mails by hand. Won‘t start on how much that cost me and how frustrated I am about it. 

    How can you just change something like this and not at least tell anyone?!!!