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We are currently using campaigns.  The email via campaigns is sent via a standard email address (i.e. We would like the owner of the lead/deal to be notified if the recipient clicks through the email. 


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    Hi @Stuart Lachovsky This is indeed very useful. For my client accounts, I have set this up using Klaviyo/Mailchimp. The Campaigns feature from Pipedrive is still relatively new. So I don't expect this to be available anytime soon. But yes, it will be a game-changer, and the implementation will be pretty much like Hubspot does it.



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    Hello @Stuart Lachovsky, great timing, we are about to start rolling out a new feature that does exactly this. The difference is that the notification will be sent out to the contact owner and/or campaign sender. And additionally, this notification is not sent via email but via our Sales Assistant feature.

    Your early feedback would be very useful for us. If you'd like we can already turn this feature on for your company before we start the rollout. @Amit Sarda If you'd like I can also turn this on for your company. You can reach out directly to me so you can share your company details