Our first experience and feedback to the Account Management BETA

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Dear Gabriel, thanks for letting us try the Beta Version of Account Management. We have a lot of users which used to work with Salesforce and they tell us that they are missing a module where all account related "things" can be placed. Please not that we don't compare Salesforce to Pipedrive and we knew, when we decided us to go with Pipedrive that its not Salesforce. Nevertheless here are the point our colleagues mentioned:

  • general information
  • login data for customer portal
  • Overview and statistics on deals like Pipedrive has in the organization view but in more detail
  • overview on all account related persons which receive the newsletter
  • link related, sister, mother organization like you have in the organization view
  • overview on turnover with break down on different product / groups
  • link to insights / statistics
  • ability to link e-mails to "Account" instead of a deal
  • printout/overview on basic account figures

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    We also came from Salesforce and miss having dedicated account pages. Would be a game changer if we had the ability to link contacts (regardless of their linked org), emails, deals, insights...etc.