HTML signatures in emails from Pipedrive

David Marshall_74756
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I'd just like to say that having support for HTML signatures is "absolutely essential" for a product like Pipedrive and I can't understand why it's not already there.  

In this day and age, corporate branding is everything, so I don't understand why PipeDrive don't consider it an extremely high priority to support. 

Does anyone "not" need and use HTML signatures on a daily basis?   

At the moment, I'm forced to go back into Outlook to do all emails.  

Please PipeDrive listen to the users and do what almost all other email handling software solutions can support. (i.e. HTML signatures)   

Thanks Dave



  • Rich Preston
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    I created my signature in Google Docs with a table and then copied/pasted it in the signature window so it is populated in every email. It works for now but does lack some features you are probably looking for. I agree that this does need an improvement within Pipedrive. Here's a screenshot of my signature.



  • David Marshall_74756
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    Hi Rich

    Thanks for the input.

    I tried building a signature in Google Docs but found that the formatting that I can get in Outlook was not possible to achieve.

    I know it's possibly not as easy to implement HTML email signature support as I may think, but I would have thought that for a product like PipeDrive, which is aimed at streamlining company communications, it would be one of the first things to be implemented.