Workflow automations with the action "send email"

Marcelina Drozd
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Hi All!

Ok so the scenario goes:

I am setting up an automation - eg. if the deal is updated send an email to "XY"

As I am the one setting the automation for the team, the automatic email from Pipedrive comes from my email address. Is there a way to change it? So I am not the sender? Maybe add a different, general company address?



  • CarlosPD
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    Hey @Marcelina Drozd ! Emails sent via the Workflow automation feature will be sent from the address connected to the automation owners Email sync feature. 

    So if you create/own an email automation, the emails will be sent from your email sync address. If you need the emails to be sent from a different address, you would need to change the email address connected to your email sync feature. You can change the address on your email sync by going to Personal preferences > Email sync, and clicking the "Add new account" button.

    Hoping this helps! If you would like any additional clarification please feel free to contact [email protected] so we can assist you further. 

  • Sven Amann_76110
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    Would be really awesome, if we could change this, e.g., to a list or group ([email protected], [email protected], ...)! Sending the email in the name of whoever triggered the automation or the owner of the respective contact would be great, too. Only because I'm creating the automation doesn't necessarily mean I'm to logical sender of the notification... especially if the automation is "triggered by any user".

  • 100% in agreement with Sven.