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Jens Bohse
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Is there a good tool that can load the Pipedrive data into our data warehouse? We are currently using Stitchdata and the integration for Pipedrive from Singer, but it doesn't work well with the deals products yet. However, once products are removed from a deal, they are not removed from the data warehouse or marked as inactive. This breaks our forecasting and sales reporting. Does anyone know of a solution or possibly a better tool?


  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Jens!

    Sadly can't suggest any specific software, just sharing my experience with this. 

    We haven't found an integration that would do this flawlessly. The only way to be sure is to get custom development for it from a 3rd party developer. That at least our experience.

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  • The only thing I have seen work is a periodic backup of the data across all objects. I wrote an article to cover how this works for my Pipedrive clients. 

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    Hi, @Jens Bohse We recently used Pipedrive APIs to move data to our warehouse which is Postgresql with 2-way sync using Rest APIs and webhooks that ensure real-time updates.

    My general experience is that either you use a Datawarehouse that has native integration with Pipedrive or make use of APIs to do the way you want. I wanted to use Segment but it doesn't have native integration!.

    We haven't worked with Stitch, but might be able to give some insights. Feel free to connect- https://www.linkedin.com/in/akhilks1/