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Hi Pipedrive Dev Team,


There is high demand for SMS automation, after a deal progresses. Currently a new activity can be created, however WorkFlow Automation does not allow for the activity notes to be Populated.


Use case: Many customers wish for a templated SMS to be sent after a deal progresses in status.

EG. a deal with a single customer/contact moved from Offer Made to Final Offer. An automation would be triggered after the status changes, and sends a preset SMS to the deal contact.


To setup this Automation, the ability to populate the note/message body of an activity is required.


Can this functionality please be looked into. This enables customers to stay within Pipedrive to manage their deals, and increase customer engagement. SMS automation is a highly requested feature.  



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    I agree 100%. It seems strange that we can make initial calls, text/SMS, and automate their associated task. Still, there seems to be no software integration parley into an automated justcall SMS to match an email template. The mobile app for iOS would be bulletproof if they added a "justcall" option instead of the current "WhatsApp," which I'm sure nobody uses, but I could be wrong.

    PC Desktop Pipedrive(Via Chrome): This has been a dream for the most part but stops at SMS. The "add country code" option for western jerk users would be better if a bulk "backend" setting were checked. This could work for any country anywhere if I imagine this right. I'm sure this is a blame game issue from one software automation to the next. Justcall blames, Pipedrive, and so on it goes.

    iOS Mobile App: Back, the only backend mobile app option was WhatsApp when most users used "justcall," so why isn't justcall a valid option for iOS users? I end up calling using my number a lot because I'm driving and cannot copy and paste for each call. If the Pipedrive app did trigger the justcall app and only stopped to check which justcall # to call, my world would change. Is this an iOS thing or software not wanting to play together? Why is the only option "WhatsApp" but still uses the standard iOS call app?

    OK. I'm off researching Twilio and Sakari. Please stop my research.