Cannot insert sender first name into email (templates)

We use templates with fields to prepare personalized (group) emails from our team to our contacts. In such templates, I'd like to insert a field for the senders' first name. Unfortunately, only the full name (as given in the personal preferences) is supported here. For emailing contacts we call by their first name, this looks weird.

Support confirmed this feature is missing and suggested a workaround using custom fields that track the senders' first name, but this is a manual process and error prone. You can already split the contacts' names into first and last name. Why not the senders'?

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  • I second this. It's a little awkward sending out emails greeting people you might possibly know on a first name basis with their last name as well.

    The fields are already separate and I could have sworn this was already possible.

    Looking forward to seeing more about this update.

  • Been discussing this with out "Pipedrive Success Manager" for a while now. In short:

    • The "split module" they use for contact names is apparently "too unrealiable" for use on the user names...
    • Some PM changed
    • Still no solution in sight...

  • so silly. Basic reason says if there are 2 fields in the contact name then you should be able to use just the first name. Sure I am going to email a client with their last name as well 😫