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Chris Clegg
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With Mailigen going away, what are people using for autoresponders?  

There doesn't seem to be any information on how Pipedrive will integrate autoresponder tech with the campaigns add-on, and we're having to onboard clients for 6-month autoresponder campaigns now.

Does anyone from the Pipedrive and/ or Mailigen team want to share their recommendations?


  • Graham Cox_55849
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    Hi Chris,

    Campaign marketing automations including drip campaigns are on the way in August I believe.

    Best, Graham

  • Thanks, Graham -

    Are there any updates on this that anyone is aware of? We are heavily invested in Mailigen and will need a fair amount of time to migrate to a new system. I'd like to keep it all within Pipedrive but will have to decide in the next week or two if we don't have an update from the Pipedrive/ Mailigen team.

  • Almonzer Eskandar
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    Hi @Chris Clegg automation in Campaigns will be rolled out to all customers next week, however if you wish access to it earlier, please reach out to our Support. Note that you need to have started a trial on Campaigns or you are currently paid for it to be able to access this feature.

    You can read about Automations in Campaigns here:

  • I will do so. thanks!