Is there any sms automation possibilities within Pipedrive?

Tomas Siatka
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I currently use RingCentral for all my employees and am looking for something to keep my leads warm in the pipeline. I would really love to see if there is a platform that will allow me to create a automated sms follow up sequence in Pipedrive.

Ideally looking to route all calls and text back to each individuals ringcentral numbers.


  • Bernd Auer
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    Not with Pipedrive alone. But you can link several SMS providers relatively easy. I created a video for it. In German, but you will get the sense :-)

    My colleague @Yannik Sommer can help you with that.

  • Bruce Bignell
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    Hey @Tomas Siatka 

    - @Bernd Auer is right, nothing native in Pipedrive at the moment.

    I've pulled a list of apps that allow you to build these types of SMS workflows...

    Check them all out here:


    Check out SalesMsg

    👉 -

    Check out Aircall, Kixie, Justcall 

    👉 -

    Check out Outfunnel or Unito

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  • Dmitri Ivanenko
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    When I sent feedback to implement campaigns in pipedrive (newsletters, drip, etc) (probably 2 or more years ago), I got the same answers you see below (we don't do that, but will consider in the future, but for now use these other extensions/integrations (some native, some not). this year campaigns by pipedrive rolled out (not fully there, but great start). 

    I asked for sms native integration. so far same answer :).

    I asked for social media integration, fb, IG, linkedin, whatsapp so we can see all the interactions with that person on all social media sources. - answer? hmm, interesting, but not something we do, maybe later.

    I asked for calculated fields, field data that depends on existing fields, etc etc etc, some of these things are being talked about more and more, extensions are being created etc, but not yet native to the app.

    So keep asking for what you need and very often. We need this one tool to be the ONLY tool we will need, instead of hopping around from tool to tool. But they (whoever they are) need to keep their butts on fire for making those changes and fast. 

  • Wes Amann
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    I have not used it, but I have been speaking with Podium ( and they claim to have full integration with Pipedrive.  Poduim's primary use is to drive reviews for your Google My Business sites.  But, it has SMS that can be sent individually, enmass, as part of a campaign and more. It also has SMS templates to simplify things.

  • Tomek Kamola
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    We are using make+serwersms. It works nice. But it can be better. SerwerSMS team said that they are working with connection with PD. it will be nice if you will write to them. Maybe they will push work if will get more request. ;-)