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Hi team! Just some feedback that i'm hoping to see in the future here on Pipedrive. It would be very beneficial to have the ability to  view multiple activities utilizing the map feature and for our reps to plan a route when traveling on the road visiting clients.  It would be useful to have the ability to calculate the mileage that our sales teams travel as well.

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Monica Pellegrino , thank you for your suggestion! We've made sure it reaches the team for consideration.

    At the moment the "show on map" feature is only available for address-type fields linked to Deals or Contacts, not for the Location associated with an Activity. In those cases you can use it to see the distance between places and optimize routes based on that, although it won't calculate mileage.

    Another handy feature you might want to explore (if you haven't already) is the Nearby feature in the mobile app. 🚀


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    @Monica Pellegrino if you are looking for more map-based features give our newly launched App, WeMapSales, a try. Get free 90-day trial via Pipedrive Marketplace.  To learn more

  • Ash from Arrivy
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    Hi Monica! This seems perfectly in line with what the Arrivy Operations Cloud™ is able to do. We offer a two-way sync between Pipedrive and Arrivy allowing you to adequately plan the team's day down to the routes. You also get to access interesting metrics such as total job time, travel time, mileage and so much more. To see this in action please book a time with us here.