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Hi 👋,

Here are some feedbacks and update that could be awesome on custom fields :

  • Possibility to have some custom fields which only appears on certain pipeline and even certain stage and on the other way, doesn't appear on specific pipeline or stage
  • Possibility to have some custom fields which are conditioned per a previous custom field. For example : If I complet the field "Source" by adding "Facebook", it will show me the field "Facebook ads:" and I will select the right ads.
  • Calculated custom field.
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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    +1 on these! 

  • Graham Cox_55849
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    Totally agree with the OP, these would be a massive help. Thanks.

    The main issue with the custom fields is they become very unwieldy to manage and view when you have a lot of them. Lucas' requests would help with that. 

    I'd personally like to see the ability to categorise or group custom fields with collapsible sub-headings. For example I'm a mortgage broker with an ever expanding list of custom fields. Having the ability to create mortgage, remortgage, property, adverse credit, suitability and miscellaneous categories etc would be a huge help.

  • Gregoire H
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    Totally agree ! 

    Concerning the calculated custom field, it would be an easy way to create a basic contact scoring function.

    Indeed, thanks to workflow automation, we could decide that the custom field "scoring" should be updated when the field X is not empty anymore, when a deal is associated with the person, " when a mail is answered, etc. 

  • Tom LeBrocq
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    +1 for this. Having context-sensitive custom fields that only show or hide when certain criteria is met would be a huge saver on screen real estate!

  • I to need this so bad :)