Change back keyboards shortcuts for Mail and Activities

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Recently Pipedrive introduced Projects and Campaigns. As a new paid add-on, I imagine the team is making a great effort to give them visibility. Everything's fine until here.

But in a tricky way, keyboard shortcuts were silently changed, misleading us to screens we did not intend to go to

Before Projects and Campaign were introduced, keyboard shortcuts 3 and 4 were used to navigate directly to the Mail and Activities screen. Now they were reassigned for the brand new (paid) features. Consequently, all the other shortcuts (5, 6, 7, and 8) changed. This is confusing.

It doesn't matter if you are not buying Projects and/or Campaigns separately; they will be just there, filling space on your screen and misleading people who already got used to 3 and 4 keyboards shortcuts to visit Mail and Activities.

Nothing wrong with giving visibility for new features, but couldn't Projects and Campaigns be placed on the bottom of the screen? Or temporarily on top, but with the shortcuts to be set to 8 and 9?

Was that by mistake or intending to mislead the users?

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