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Emily Mattes
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Can I turn off the summary for the day email permanently? I don't need MORE EMAILS! I went through and unchecked everything but I want to make sure I don't get these daily emails! I can see that I can change my daily email time, but I can't opt out.

Sales Assistant > Settings > Manage Notifications > ....
Then under each category I unchecked "Include in summary email" 



  • Kreete K
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    Hi Emily!

    Un-checking all the items for "Include in my summary email" should be enough to not receive these emails. If you are still struggling, please check with our Support team via in-app chat or email so they could check your account and exact settings/emails. 

  • Brian Corcoran
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    Pipedrive - please add a check box option to disable the daily email summary. It is really annoying to have to disable it via the route Emily (support) suggests here.

  • CarlosPD

    Hey @Brian Corcoran !👋🏼

    I certainly understand why an on/off toggle would be better than unchecking each email notification type. I will forward your feedback internally.

    If you have any other feedback to share, please feel free to post them to our Ideas and Product Feedback page so they can be reviewed by our product team.

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